Various types of punches in boxing

Boxing is not just punch battle between one boxer with the other. This sport is also known have punching techniques that correct and effective. The following is a list of the different types of punches in boxing.


Jab punch

Jab punch

Jab is a punch to the opening attack in the boxing. Jab is a punch straight ahead which leads to the opponent’s face or body. Orthodox boxer, who relies on right hand, will more often do jab punch to the opponent by using their left hand. And vice versa if a boxer is left-handed boxer, then jab will more often be done with the right hand. The purpose of a boxer threw punches jab to the opponent is to disrupt the opponent’s concentration and to open the attack with their other hand. However, not infrequently punches jab can make fallen opponent, if the jab is released with hard.


Straight punch

Straight punch

As the name implies, straight is straight punches. In general, straight punch thrown after the jab punches. But not always so, because the punch can also be combined with another punch, depending on the strategy of the boxer. The main target of this blow is the opponent’s head or abdomen, according to the boxer at the current position. The boxers did straight punches by using their strong hand, whether it’s right hand or left hand.


Hook punch

Hook punch

Hook is a punch with hook style. This position is a position that was done by a boxer when they throw a punch. Hook can be thrown by both hands, right and left. Hook is known to be very deadly blow in boxing. Former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, once very familiar with the power punches of his hook, as he often hit KO his opponent using this punch.


Uppercut punch

Uppercut punch

Uppercut is a short and powerful punches in boxing. Lots of boxers who use this punch to KO their opponent. Upper cut punches thrown from below, with the position of the hands forming the letter “V”. Target uppercut punches is the abdomen, solar plexus and chin of the opponent.

Cross punches in boxing is not a standard punches, like jab, straight, hook or upper cut, but a blow modification which combination of punches straight and upper cut. The target of these attacks is the opposite jaw or stomach.

Long Hook
Long hook punch is a punch hook thrown from a distance. In boxing, long hook is not a standard blow like jab, straight, hook or upper cut, but a blow the modification which combination of straight punches and hooks. Famous boxer who popularized the long hook punch is Muhammad Ali. Long hook blow is only known in professional boxing and unknown in amateur boxing.

Low Blow

Low blow

Low blow

This is the kind of blow which is prohibited in the boxing, because the blow is opposed to the lower abdomen. Because if  this punch on the opponent’s genitals, it would be fatal. If there is a boxer who threw this kind of punch, intentionally or not, they will get a sanction from the referee, a warning or even disqualification.

Rabbit Punch

Rabbit Punch

Rabbit punch

Rabbit Punch is one of the punches that are strictly forbidden and very dangerous for the opponent in boxing. Rabbit punch launched from the top toward the bottom, especially when the opponent is in a crouching position. Deliberately or not, the blow was forbidden, running for the crown or nape of the opponent and it is very dangerous and deadly.


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