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This is a big circus arts group in the world, maybe even the biggest circus in the world. Cirque du Soleil, combining the circus with the attraction of dance, music and theatrical. Because it has a mature concept, they be able to define the contemporary circus concept at every their show, with no animal present and rings as part of the show like any other circus. Cirque du Soleil have appeared on five continents in the world. This circus group already has thousands of players and their appearance was witnessed by nearly 100 million people.

Cirque de Soleil

Cirque du Soleil has been developed starting from 1984, with only 73 crew. They have homebase in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Starting with the name Les Echassiers, this circus group began making small show in the early 80′s. The founders are Guy Laliberte, who is a street musician, and Danel Gauthier. At first they struggled to exist, mainly due to financial problems. In 1984, they performed at the anniversary of the city of Quebec, with funding from the government. The appearance was a success, so they can continue and grow.

Cirque contortionist

To develop the circus group,  Laliberte then recruited Guy Caron, who comes from a circus school named the National Circus School. At that moment, the concept of theatrical story became a major concept of this circus group. Over time, in every show, Cirque involve a lot of the director, artistic director and also the music editor. In some performances they reap great benefits, such as Nouvelle Experience.

Cirque theatrical

Cirque du Soleil’s face today is the result of a long struggle of its founders. By doing a tour to several countries, this circus group has spawned several successful production and attract attention, such is entitled Nouvelle Experience, Dragone, Saltimbaco, Smoke, Love, O, Ka, Ovo, Totem, and Varekai.

Cirque du Soleil on Ovo

In each show, a circus group is managed to lull the audience, with the player character and also the concept of the story, which is packaged in a circus attraction. For example, in Varekai, which tells of the winged creatures of heaven are stranded on Earth, and met strange creatures in the forest, which has the magic ability. In the show featuring acrobats who play on the rope at high altitudes. Then there are five people on one bicycle wheels, and maintain balance while turning the ball over the head. So also with the human body flex, which can be folded like a rubber body, also the clown and magician.

Cirque attraction

During the period 1990 to 2000, Cirque already has opportunity featuring 19 performances in more than 270 cities in various countries, and employs nearly 4000 people, from nearly 40 countries visited. The circus group income jumped to U.S. $ 810 million per year. Now Cirque de Soleil is not just a circus group, but it is a big company. Even in 2008, Laliberte share ownership with group Istithmar World and Nakheel of Dubai. This cooperation produces long term plan Cirque show in the next few years, particularly in the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to satisfying the audience, Cirque also chalked a number of achievements, including the Bambi Award in 1997, Rose d’Or in 1989, Drama Desk Awards 1991 and 1998, three Gemini Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and starred in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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