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The latest version of iRobot Warrior 710

Posted February 26, 2012 By eXplorer

The success of the Japanese government to stop the disastrous leak in a nuclear reactor in Fukushima, not out of the extraordinary role of robots manufactured by iRobot. One of the robots manufactured by the company from Massachusetts, United States, is a Warrior 710.

iRobot Warrior 710

iRobot Warrior 710

That success makes iRobot encouraged to continue to develop the Warrior 710. They were later released the latest version of Warrior 710. The latest generation of robots that are designed to defuse the bomb or EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal). Warrior 710 is claimed to have a number of new capabilities that are not owned the previous version. As a bomb disposal robot, Warrior 710 is designed to have the ability to spy, monitor and into the enemy zone Read the remainder of this entry »

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