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Tips to green at home

Posted March 9, 2012 By eXplorer

Many benefits can be gained by maintaining plants at home. For example plants are placed in the workspace can reduce fatigue, stress, dry throat, headache, cough and to prevent dry skin. At least that is the research conducted by a team of plant psychology from Norway and Sweden. However, because of limited space causes people choose to remove elements of plants from their house. In fact, to create a healthy home by presenting a plant can be done in various ways. Here are tips to bring the plants in our homes.

Placing plants in the house

Plants in the living room

Plants in the living room

Plants in the house, in addition to providing fresh, some plant species are able to absorb toxins in the room. Examples is Aglonela plant which can reduce benzene pollutants commonly found in cigarette smoke, detergents, paint, carpet, Read the remainder of this entry »

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