Do children with autism can be cured?

A researcher revealed their findings that many children with autism, many of which do not show symptoms of autism again when they grow up. The data revealed by the survey, led by Dr. Andrew Zimmerman of the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children.

Children with autism

Children with autism

The findings are published in the journal Pediatrics. The survey done by studying data from telephone surveys of 92,000 parents in the United States, who have children under the age of 17 years and was undertaken in 2007 until 2008. The conclusion is, a third child in a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, reported to have no diagnosis at the time they are adults. So they are not considered to have autism anymore.

A total of 1366 parents said their child suffered from autism spectrum disorders in the past to the present. Approximately 453 of these cases found that children diagnosed with a doctor experienced in childhood autistic disorder, no longer has autism when they grow up.

The researchers found children with learning disabilities or delayed development were more likely to have autism. This also applies to older children who suffer from epilepsy and anxiety. However, children or adolescents with hearing problems in the beginning is less may be autistic at a later date.

The team noted that autism tends to expand along with various other mental and behavioral disorders. They speculated this could complicate the diagnosis or slowing the progression in children who are diagnosed and treated early.

However, there are still some other experts who disagreed with the findings. They argue although visible symptoms of autism in children has improved, children with autism should continue to receive care and those trying to maintain their progress.

Dr. Georgina Gomez de la Cuestan, as leader of The National Autistic Society’s research revealed that autism is a condition of a serious, disabling and life long pathway to a person. Children with autism in childhood will grow into adults with autism. Although there is no cure for autism, provide support, create a strategy for managing behavior and create a good environment, can help children manage anxiety and sensory difficulties associated with the condition of autism.

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