Equipment to be have during the rainy season

The rainy season as well as other seasons, is the awaited season and once a hassle. Rainy season awaited as it brings the cool air, fresh and of course makes people so lazy to go out. However, the rainy season can also be troublesome due to various diseases during the rainy season comes, such as influenza, diarrhea and dengue fever. Besides the rainy season will also make people who have outdoor activities become more troublesome, because they have to provide additional equipment to deal with rain. Here is the equipment we should have at the time the rains come.


Rain boots

Rain boots

The boots are rarely used, because the model is conservative and not fashionable. Besides boots are also not simple but people now prefer the simple things. In fact, for the rainy season boots have great benefit in protecting the wearer when it rains. Not only our feet will be protected from splashing water, mud or soil when wearing it, the boots will also keep our bodies that are not easily slip because of the slippery footing. Average boots equipped with a rugged footwear and anti-skid. However, manufacturers of boots today more creative than in earlier times. They now produce boots that have interesting shapes and models. So that the user boots will remain fashionable while wearing them in the rainy season.



Umbrella is the rainy season supplies the most practical and easy to carry anywhere. The problem is, sometimes people forget to bring an umbrella when traveling. Therefore, choose a model that is practical and compact umbrella so we can put in a vehicle that we use. Forms and umbrella models sold in the market today many choices. So don’t worry about the appearance when using this umbrella. By putting the umbrella in the car, we will always be prepared for rain and not forget to leave the umbrella at home.




For people who like to travel by bike or on foot, raincoat is one of the much-needed supplies. Raincoat to protect the body from heavy rains and winds that hit the body, because the raincoat has a shape such as clothing. Problem about model, color and size, raincoats are now produced with a wide range of variants. Starting from raincoats for adults to children is a lot already on the market, with a wide range of quality and price.

So, to keep us comfortable and safe, we should pay attention to our readiness to face the rainy season with the equipment required to be owned as mentioned above. The goal is simple, we can enjoy the cool rainy season and fresh, without being distracted by the hassles faced.

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    Well nice equipment when rain will keep our health.


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