Excessive overtime work can cause depression

Not infrequently because the conditions are very important and urgent, requiring us to work beyond our normal hours or overtime. In terms of revenue, working overtime can indeed increase one’s income.

Overtime work

Overtime work

But we must be careful, if have to work overtime at the office for a long time. British researchers found that the chances of someone affected by depression will be doubled if they work overtime, compared with someone who works in accordance with normal working hours.

In that study revealed that people who work more than 11 hours per day or more than 55 hours per week, have a higher risk of depression. Most vulnerable to these risks experienced by women, young children and those with low incomes. The study was made of about 2,000 civilian workers from various sectors of employment, earnings and hours worked. The workers surveyed were who started working in early 1990 and aged between 35 to 55 years old.

These data are disclosed returned six years later by scientists from two universities. Scientists at the London Academy, Finland revealed that the close relation between overtime and depression. The surprise is, overwork not only causes depression but also as a factor causing an unhealthy lifestyle, marriage doomed to fail and the level of pressure at work increasing.

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