Five steps to design a baby’s first birthday party

Watching our children grow and develop is one thing to be happy. Starting from the baby since birth, learned to his stomach, crawling, sitting, walking, talking, laughing, until the baby is capable of running is the most amazing moment.

Baby's first birthday party

Baby’s first birthday party

Therefore, the parents want to create a sense of gratitude is to establish a first birthday party a memorable occasion for the baby. Festive birthday party a memorable occasion for the child does not need an expensive, but the most important thing is happy for the baby. The following are tips for designing a child’s first birthday to be memorable.

First, create an attractive invitation cards and colorful, as most children like this. The invitation card should not be purchased from the printing press which is expensive, but you can make your own which is adjusted by the number of invitations that will be deployed.

The second step is to prepare food and drinks that children love and do not forget the food should be healthy. In addition we also need to prepare a souvenir that can last a long time such as towels embroidered with the name and age of the baby, mug or a small pillow that is accompanied by photographs of the child. In order to make costs can be cheaper, you better buy it wholesale rather than buying in the gift shop which generally cost 2 to 3 times.

Third, to enliven the birthday party, you can hire a clown or figures of the child’s favorite cartoon character. In addition to entertaining the kids, clowns are usually equipped with some magic skills for children. In the birthday party, clowns usually enliven it with simple games. Our task is to prepare a birthday gift for participants who play the game with these clowns.

Mama and baby's birthday party

Mama and baby’s birthday party

1st birthday party decoration

1st birthday party decoration

The fourth step, make a birthday cake shaped the character of your child’s favorite cartoon. If you do not have the ability to decorate a birthday cake, you can order your subscription to the cake shop. Just remember, the existence of a birthday cake is a mandatory thing in birthday party.

As for the fifth step is that you should be ready to capture those special moments by preparing a camera or camcorder. Invitations, souvenirs, photographs and documentation birthday that can be stored for decades, of course would be a very impressive memory for the child. Moreover, the anniversary of the decor is full of photos and images our beloved baby. Well, good luck to make a memorable birthday party for your baby!

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  1. Comment by Rudolf Kewish:

    One of the biggest problems in planning this type of event is always the expectation by the birthday person. They probably know you have something planned that makes it more difficult to surprise them. Throwing the person off guard becomes very important if you want your Birthday Party to be a success. For example,nike tn pas cher, try throwing the party a weekend prior to the birthday before he or she begins to suspect anything. Another idea is to have a small family party on the day of or the day before the person’s birthday then they won’t be as likely to suspect a second event.

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