Ford Factory which is a famous automobile manufacturer from the United States has recently been reported to recall one of their famous car variants, namely the Ford Escape. Type their Ford Escape recall is assembled product starting from October 22, 1999 to July 19, 2002.

Ford Escape 2001
Ford Escape 2001

Steps are taken to fix the car system is based on a letter issued by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the US Department of Transportation. NHTSA found serious problems concerning the safety features on the Ford Escape, which makes Ford had to recall 244,530 cars that they produce.

Car safety systems that should be corrected is the braking system, because the system is an important system in any car. Part to be replaced is the brake fluid reservoir, whose position is close to the master brake leak on the rubber cover.

Seepage of brake fluid leaks out of the cover can cause seepage which could adversely affect the braking system of the Ford Escape. If the leak is allowed to continuously can cause the accident rate will be even greater because the condition is very risky.

If brake fluid is reduced in a significant amount will cause condensation, which causes air to go in to the master cylinder. The condition also can lead to rust or even gave the car can cause the brakes is not working. The wind that comes into the car braking system can cause the master cylinder is only pumping air instead of brake fluid. And it can be fatal impact on the braking car.

Since the position of the brake fluid reservoir is located on some of the cable car components, NHSTA also found some other damage caused by the leak. An important component affected by brake fluid leak is a leading cable ABS module. Seepage of brake fluid can lead to rust and module power surge occurs.

For safety and measures to things that are not desirable then the factory Ford recalled all models of Ford Escape is produced on that date to do the replacement system is free of charge. Ford will replace the brake fluid storage areas are also cable cars and their ABS module connectivity. Replacement plans will be held on January 23, 2012 simultaneously in various Ford dealerships.

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