Negative effects the use of hair crimper

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Hair is the crown of a person, especially for a woman. An important part of the note by women in maintaining their beauty is the hair style. There are several methods used to obtain the desired hairstyle, one of which is the instant way by using a hair crimper.

Hair crimper

Hair crimper

Hair crimper can indeed function effectively to get the hair straight and not wrinkled. Use of this tool can also get the desired results quickly. However, hair crimper also has a negative impact on the hair, which can cause dry and damaged hair. Even some experts who say that the damaging effects of hair crimper higher than the hair dryer. Why so? Here are some reasons.

Excessive heat
Hair Crimper is a device that uses heat as its main element. Excess heat from the hair crimper can damage hair especially on the cuticle. Be established that the damage can happen in each hair shaft which was dealt using the hair crimper. To reduce the negative impacts that could arise it is recommended by experts that the use of hair crimper preferably in a temperature less than 175 degrees Celsius.

Hair crimper that not contain silicone
It is better to use a hair crimper containing silicon at the time of use. Silicon function is to protect hair during heat flowed along the hair crimper. However, today many hair crimper on the market that do not contain silicone. The workings of a hair crimper is only by relying on the heat and do not provide extra protection to the hair.

Emit positive ions
Hair crimper emit positive ions which reflects poorly on the glandular hair, cause hair glands open and dryness. That is what causes hair to become brittle if too frequent use of hair crimper. Several manufacturers of hair crimper already developed several innovations to overcome the problem. Now there are many hair crimper using ceramic base material. Ceramic emits negative ions which is expected to neutralize the positive ions produced by the hair crimper. But of course, there is a small amount of positive ions produced.

After all innovations that have been made by a hair crimper manufacturers, users should remain wary of some of the negative effects that can be caused. Therefore, if buy a hair crimper we should choose the right tools to be purchased and learn about the advantages it has. To avoid the negative effects, the most important thing is to use a hair crimper according the rules of use and not excessive.

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  1. Comment by Mozelle:

    No wonder. How come hair not broken if care by heat equipment like that?
    It will more worst if hair crimper use every day, of course!


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