The success of the Japanese government to stop the disastrous leak in a nuclear reactor in Fukushima, not out of the extraordinary role of robots manufactured by iRobot. One of the robots manufactured by the company from Massachusetts, United States, is a Warrior 710.

iRobot Warrior 710
iRobot Warrior 710

That success makes iRobot encouraged to continue to develop the Warrior 710. They were later released the latest version of Warrior 710. The latest generation of robots that are designed to defuse the bomb or EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal). Warrior 710 is claimed to have a number of new capabilities that are not owned the previous version. As a bomb disposal robot, Warrior 710 is designed to have the ability to spy, monitor and into the enemy zone silently.

Warrior 710 has three security features are favored by iRobot, they are versatility, reliability and expandability. In vesatility features, its designed is able to work in all sorts of dangerous situations. One is the detection of hazardous chemicals.

Warrior 710 can be used for outdoor and indoor activities. As an upgraded version, Warrior 710 can accommodate a variety of cargo and additional accessories. Thus it is possible to use robots in the double mission.

For the size, it is the biggest robot in its class. The robot weighs 157 kg and height 46 cm. This robot can carry loads up to 100 kg. Velocity reaches 8 miles per hour.

iRobot climb stairs
iRobot Warrior 710 in mission

The ability to work in the field proved to be very good. The robot passed the test when used to explore the site are contaminated with nuclear radiation in Nuclear Power Plant Fukushima Daiichi, Japan. In that disaster Warrior 710 is used to clean the room of nuclear power plant contaminated with radiation. The trick is to attach a vacuum cleaner on the arm of the Warrior 710. The robot is controlled via the operator control unit which is supported by iRobot Aware2 software, a smart software that able to boost its intelligence. In addition, the robot is also equipped with hazard avoidance sensor.

Specification of Warrior 710:
Size: 35×21.25×18 inches
Weight: 157 kg
Maximum speed: 8 miles/hour or 12.9 km/h
Communication: Ethernet radio
Connectivity: Wireless 800m
Navigation: Compass and GPS
Power source: Battery 12 BB-2590/U


  1. Sagita

    I think, to use robots to do dangerous things that are very precise.
    Although the robot is expensive, but it is better if compared with the risk of loss of human life.

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