Executice Chief Officer of the new Apple Inc., Tim Cook, reportedly received a bonus in the form of shares worth US $ 376 million. Bonus is a form of appreciation from one of the world’s largest computer company to Tim Cook.

Tim Cook, CEO Apple Computers
Tim Cook, CEO Apple Computers

In terms of the nominal amount of it is the largest amount ever awarded Apple to their executives in the last ten years. Council of Apple Inc. Company. giving one million shares of restricted stock units (RSUs), as a form of trust to Tim Cook as the new CEO. Where Tim Cook was elected to replace Steve Jobs in August last year, to lead this big company maker of the iPhone and iPad.

A half of this appreciation can be cashed in 2016 and the rest can be cashed in 2021. Even a chief researcher at Equilar, Aaron Boyd, said that the nominal value of these bonus have rarely been heard in recent times for a single award.

The only kind of appreciation in the nominal stock of that ever happened in January 2000. The award was given to the co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs. At that time, Steve Jobs received stock awards of US $ 600 million. Jobs has 5.5 million shares of Apple Inc., and died in October last year.

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

Jobs who had overthrown the Apple in the mid 1980s, returned to lead the company in 1997 and changed Apple become the most valuable technology company in the world with a series of well-known flagship product at this time including iPod, iPhone and iPad.


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    What a big bonus. That’s my bonus dream from my company. lol!

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