A beautiful and majestic cafeteria at Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the oldest and most famous university in the United States. In fact, not only in the United States, around the world Harvard University also famous with its quality. So do not be surprised if many of school graduates want to continue their education at this University. However, the process of entry into Harvard is not easy, because a college student there is the result of thousands of prospective students filter quality both from the United States itself or from outside the USA.

Beauty cafeteria at Harvard

It can be concluded that Harvard University is special. These features could also be seen from some form of building there, for example is the shape of the building and the interior of one of the cafeteria that looks beautiful and luxurious at Harvard University. Even if at first glance, such as cafeteria dining room in the Harry Potter films. Cafeteria in the form of a large room, with interior room in the form of tables and walls of the room, mostly dominated by the color of brown wood. The atmosphere there is increasingly becoming special, because it added a lot of ornate chandelier in it arranged in such a way, thus adding to the atmosphere of the cafeteria to be unique and interesting.

Have a meal at cafeteria

For people who are studying at Harvard University, perhaps the form of canteen is already familiar, especially if you frequently eat there. But for people who have never been there, might be impressed with the circumstances of this canteen, because the university canteen is shaped like a fancy restaurant. So there’s no harm if there is a chance, you come to the University of Harvard, just to try the dining atmosphere at the University canteen that very popular in the world.

Glass ornaments
Cafeteria building
Cafeteria front views
Harvard cafeteria at night
Brown wood interior

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    That’s right like Harry Porter campus.

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    Oh Harvard… I always wanna study there! Cheers!


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