Airbus A380, the largest commercial aircraft

Airbus A380 aircraft is the world’s largest passenger aircraft, manufactured by Airbus SAS. This aircraft has two levels, using four engines on both wings. If the A380 seat configuration is used for all economies, the capacity of the aircraft could reach 850 seats. Whereas if the aircraft seat configuration was made into three classes, it will be able to contain around 555 passengers.

Airbus A380, largest commercial aircraft
Airbus A380, largest commercial aircraft

Airbus A380 has a size and larger capacity than the largest commercial aircraft made by Boeing, the Boeing 747, or commonly called the Jumbo Jet. This is because of Airbus A380 having double-deck full, starting from the front to the tail of the plane. While the Boeing 747, a double deck only at the front of aircraft body.

Airbus A380, SQ cabin view
Airbus A380, SQ cabin view

Airbus SAS began making these giant aircraft began in June 1994, with model A3XX. Because the aircraft are very large, it needs no adjustment here and there, including adjustments to the design of the existing infrastructure at the airport, as well as slight modifications to adjustment at the airport which is used for the Airbus A380. In addition, the aircraft with the latest technology also offers some efficiency. For example, for the calculation of operating costs per seat could be 15-20% more efficient than the Boeing 747. Meanwhile for fuel used, the A380 can save 10-15% more fuel efficient.

Airbus A380, large comparison
Comparison A380 with B747

The weight of the A380 is about 277 tons. With the main contractor for the aircraft from the Airbus partners different countries, while for the final stages of completion done in Toulouse, France. A380 using a four engine made by Rolls-Royce, Trent-900. This powerful engine provides 36,280 pounds of thrust, or four-engine turbo fan Alliance Gp 7200 with 37,003 kg of thrust. Firs airlines that order the aircraft is Emirates, then Air France, ILFC, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, and Virgin Atlantic. The airlines company booked about 50 aircraft. Only after that follow FedEx, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Etihad Airways, Thai Airways and UPS.

Airbus A380, bar at wide cabin
Airbus A380, bar at wide cabin

Aircraft type issued by Airbus for the A380 is quite varied, in accordance with market needs. For example the A380-700 with a capacity of 480-seat, A380-900 with a capacity of 656 seats, and the A380-800F is the cargo aircraft with the capability to carry cargo of 150 tons. Emirates, as the first aircraft customer aircraft, order A380-800 with capacity 555 seats.

A380 maiden flight was on April 27, 2005, which was conducted from Toulouse Blagnac International Airport, Toulouse, France. The planning is cabin space is very widespread at the A380 can be given a bed facilities, children’s playground and also a bar. But most likely a large cabin space will likely be used to increase passenger capacity and cost efficiency of airlines.

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