Amazing supernova explosion of star

Supernova is a thermonuclear explosion which is most terrible in space. The explosion was the death of a star. After people are able to learn and watch ranging from the early moments of the process, represents a new knowledge in the cosmic process, which takes in a very sudden and fast time, it is supernova.

Supernova explosion
Supernova explosion

Understanding supernova

Supernova is known as the event of the explosion of a star, which also brought the star to the end of its life. So far, scientists know there are two types of supernovae. The first type is produced by the supernova explosion of a star. The other was a supernova that occurred by reason of unusual energy transfer in binary star or star adjacent to each other. Both types of these explosions have the processes and effects that are similar.

Supernova explosions will occur when a star running out of energy to continue its life. However, not all stars will end its life by a super powerful explosion. Generally, only the star has a mass about 15 times the mass of the Sun, which has the potential to explode in amazing. The explosion like that’s what came to be known as a supernova.

The process of supernova explosion

Stars can live by nuclear reactions (fusion or merger) that occur in the core of the star. Reactions in the star’s core to produce the amount of energy used to run and maintain a star’s life support systems, among other things maintain the system of gravity. The process, the energy comes from nuclear reaction results in charge, among others to “resist” the force of gravity.

Supernova explosion itself began to occur when the star’s core began to run out of radioactive elements into the basic ingredients of nuclear reactions that support the star. A star who was in the process leading to supernova explosions likely to experience physical changes, among other dimensions become larger and red on the outside. In the inside looks, star’s core began dying .

Supernova of death star
Supernova of death star

In these conditions, the core temperature becomes warmer than normal conditions. The level density increases. Along with that, at the core of the star began a new series of nuclear reactions. But moments later, the reaction was stopped and a dead core. Death is caused by the radioactive isotope which is the endless primary fuel of nuclear reactions. At death, the star is estimated to contain only the element iron (Fe60) and do not have other elements that allow the occurrence of nuclear reactions.

Amazing things happen after the death of a star’s core. Less than a second since the death of its core, the star had been swept away by the gravity system for sustaining energy disappearance of gravity. The process of this collapse makes the elements remaining iron collided with each other and make the core temperature increases. It is estimated that the core temperature rose to over 100 billion degrees Celsius. The collapse of the system of gravity and collision between the element iron to make the core of the star pushed to the outside of the central star. This process is accompanied by an all-powerful blast wave and make a star material thrown into the outer side of the stars and space.

Blast wave supernova
Blast wave supernova

When thrown into the outer side of the stars, some of the material into heat, and partly joined to form new elements and radioactive isotopes. Well, the material that survived the explosion and was thrown off into space then known as the residual supernovae. This residue consists of hot material containing radioactive isotopes dust, and free electrons. When the residues are very small move in the magnetic field and covered with a neutron, then the combined residues of supernovae is then formed neutron star.

This neutron star could be realized if the exploding star has low mass. Neutron star may not be realized if the exploding star has a mass 15 times greater than the mass of the Sun. Because the star has a mass explosion of that size, besides going to eliminate the star itself, would also eliminate the material and neutrons thrown off into space. When this happens, then the residue would form a supernova that a black hole.

Similar process occurs in the second type of supernova explosion, the explosion produced by the collapse of a binary star system. This supernova explosion could occur because of an imbalance in the system. For example, if there is one star in a binary star system suddenly draw more material from another star into the body. This event will make the star was pulling into increased, resulting in a thermonuclear explosion, called supernova.

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