Apparently the energy drinks effects is just to treat dehydration

A study published in the British Medical Journal suggests that the effects of energy drinks is more than just to repel dehydration, especially for athletes. The researchers say that the taste and benefits of energy drinks plus the psychological effect of the drinker, making a lot of people addicted to these types of drinks.

Drinking energy drink
Drinking energy drink

Psychological effects are more famous with the term placebo effect. Excessive consumption of energy drinks not recommended, because it can adversely affect health. An example is the problem with the sugar content of 104 products they study. High sugar content in energy drinks could potentially make people obese and other health problems.

In addition, energy drinks are consumed in excess can contaminate the body with chemicals, especially in the brain. If that happens, it will make people susceptible to hypernatraemia, lethal condition which human brain cells swell due to fluid filled.

However in reality in the UK, energy drinks market soared 10% annually. These products are sold in approximately 400 million liters or equivalent to 400 times the size of the pool used at the Olympics, every year. Actually it is not shocking news, because in addition to athletes, energy drinks often consumed by many people to defeat of dehydration in each of their daily activities. Be it at work or studying.

Energy drinks store
Energy drinks store

In their findings, the existing content in energy drinks is like another drink. And have not found a major positive influence in the study, especially to increase stamina or energy.

Still, not a few energy drinks that contain other good nutrients for the body. However, the presence of these nutrients are generally no more than the benefits of the nutrients contained in milk, away from the hope of increasing energy. So in essence, milk would be better to increase one’s energy compared to energy drinks. Well, now it’s up to consumer choice, which one do they choose?

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