Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs dies

A shocking news came from one of the world’s largest computer company, Apple Inc. The news is the news of grief with the death of the founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs declared dead on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 local time. Steve Jobs has died at age 56. Jobs has been struggling to fight cancer since 2004 and had undergone a liver transplant in 2009. However, these efforts did not succeed to restore his health completely.

At that time, Steve Jobs tried to not disclose his illness to the media. Jobs was just stated was on leave with health reasons, although not mentioned in detail. In last January, Steve Jobs officially resigned from his post which he held long as the CEO of Apple and then pointed to Tim Cook as his successor at Apple.

The news came and announced in the pages of Apple’s official website. Sense of loss was felt by the entire family of Apple Inc., as well as IT users around the world. In Apple’s official page there is a writing board of directors of Apple, which announced that Steve Jobs had died. The board of directors also added that they felt lost with the death of Steve Jobs, who is considered as a genius with visionary and creative. It also said that Steve Jobs left the only company that could be built and the eternal spirit will become the foundation of Apple.

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