Bonsai, the beautiful and artistic dwarf trees

Bonsai is a tree planting technique to make trees become stunted and artistic. The word “Bonsai” is a word of Japanese, which means “a potted plant.” According to the science of history, bonsai actually been conducted in China since 300 years ago. Then the bonsai is growing in Japan in 1800’s. It turned out that Japanese society was the one who succeeded in developing planting techniques, so that bonsai is very popular today. Because Japanese people so good at making bonsai, even many people who think that bonsai was originally is from Japan.

Bonsai, artistic dwarf trees

Basically, all woody plants that can be made bonsai. From a tree species which usually grow very large in the forest, until the small trees are usually planted in home gardens, such as citrus, star fruit trees and so forth. Making bonsai tree can be done by planting trees using it seed. But on average it would require a very long time, until many years to get a bonsai as expected.

Therefore bonsai artisans prefer to use the technique part of a plant cutting and layering, than the planting of seeds, because the time required is relatively short. The trick is to cut a branch or twig bonsai plants that have become and then plant the piece of branch on the new growing medium, to make a new bonsai. Selection of a good branch will determine the quality of new bonsai that will be created.

Bonsai like forest

As for the layering technique, is a technique that is almost similar to the technique of grafting a branch plant. That is with the parent tree branch wrapped with growing medium, such as land, and after the release branch roots, freshly cut and moved into a new pot.

Bonsai are dwarf trees that have a very high artistic value. Not only that, the ready made bonsai can cost very expensive, especially the making process requires a very long time. Therefore making bonsai trees need patience and perseverance are bonsai makers.

Bonsai tree without leaves
Bonsai, artistic dwarf trees 5
White and brown branches
Beauty small tree
Large tree in pot

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    Bonsai is just small tree but like real big tree!

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