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Sheep from Ireland sold most expensive in the world

Posted August 11, 2011 By eXplorer

A very possibly the best pets can be sold at expensive prices. But what happened in Ireland is actually very surprising. An Irish farmer named Dan Tynan had sold his sheep for 108,000 euros or about 153,360 U.S. dollars.

Ram sheep

The price is of course very expensive and broke the previous record price of farm animals. The previous record was printed in 1988, when it’s most expensive sheep is 90,000 euros or 127,800 U.S. dollars. Though the price of a normal Read the remainder of this entry »

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The currencies traded in forex

Posted May 17, 2011 By eXplorer

In general, the currencies traded in forex currency trading is coming from countries that have good and strong economy. Countries are marked as having the value of currencies of low inflation rates, and also fairly stable political conditions. Very unlikely if we do the trading activity for the currencies of countries whose economies collapsed, or in a state of political conflicts and protracted war.

Forex currency

For example, political and economic conditions of countries of Iraq, which is currently being volatile. Iraqi dinar Read the remainder of this entry »

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Analytical methods forex trading

Posted May 17, 2011 By eXplorer

Gains and losses on forex trading, is due to the difference between the selling price and buying price in the currency to be traded. If at the time we took the position of purchasing transactions, we will be able to benefit if we buy the currency price increases. Conversely, if the value of the currency is declining, then we will suffer losses. Likewise, if at the time of our forex trading, putting on a sell position, then we will benefit if the value of the currency falls. Conversely, if the value of the currency increases, then we will suffer losses.

Analysis forex trading

Many forex traders who make transactions based solely on estimates or feeling. That means that the forex transactions are conducted with the consideration that is not cooked. This makes forex trading,considered a form of Read the remainder of this entry »

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Investment at forex trading

Posted May 16, 2011 By eXplorer

Simply put, investing is a form of assets with the hope to benefit in the future. In other words, investing is purchasing or production of capital that are not drafted, but are used for the future to make a profit. The easiest example is land investment. Ie by buying land, then sell them on the future when land prices higher and take the profit.

Forex trading investment

Investment is basically divided into two, namely investment real assets and financial assets. Examples about land investment above, are examples of real asset investments. Examples of other investment real asset is gold, apartments, Read the remainder of this entry »

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