Choosing the right books for children

Cultivate the habit of reading to children early on is one that is recommended to parents. In fact, this habit can be done from infants 6 months to train the child’s reaction to the book.

Baby reading the book
Baby reading the book

However, when we want to buy books for children often we find it difficult to choose among many options at the bookstore. In fact we may take more than thirty minutes to choose what we think is appropriate. Children’s books are now experiencing a change in terms of both content and packaging. It happened either already adapted to the changing times or without realizing it.

Although various stories and attractive packaging is offered by the author, should we must remain selective and not in a hurry to buy. Make sure the book is offered to assist in the development of the child. That is a major consideration to give reading to children.

Know the important steps should be taken when selecting books for children. Customize your books with the child’s age. If the wrong choice could bring bad influence to the development of mental and motor neurons of the child. Note also the composition of the content is presented in a child’s storybook.

For children under 2 years old, children’s book which has many servings of illustration is the most suitable. While for children aged 2-4 years, reading books should be selected is having a row of several letters so they began to recognize the letters. For children aged over the age of the above, choose a story book featuring illustrations and writing portion in a balanced way.

Now, the content of children’s book not only dominated by local stories and characterizations. Fairy tales that come from abroad does not bad to buy because it can enrich the imagination and knowledge of children. However, introducing its own folklore is one step to preserve the culture of each nation.

Guidance for child to read
Guidance for child to read

Do not stick with stories containing moral messages, though it is good. Recharge the moral message of the story books for children in stages so as not to heavy for the child’s brain. Provide light-themed adventure story. Story books containing puzzles can also sharpen the child’s creativity.

Provide mentors and guidance to the child when they begin to recognize the book. Introductions could begin by getting them to play with books. No need to worry about the children who explore the book slowly. In children under two years, the nature of those who like to flip through the pages of the book even while playing is an indicator that they have an interest in reading the book.

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