Countries that most often get spam, phishing and malware

Saudi Arabia, still occupy the first position as the country gets the most spam in the world, with 85.6 percent spam levels. The data released by Symantec, which is an internet security company. Symantek also released about the decline in global spam levels in July 2011.

Spam emails

They also measured the level of spam by region. After Saudi Arabia, Russia also remains the second country that most widely received spam. Third is the United States with 78.0 percent of email is spam. The next place is occupied by Canada 77.7 percent, Britain 78.2 percent, Netherlands 78.8 percent, Germany 77.9 percent, Denmark 77.6 percent and Australia 75.8 percent. Then Hong Kong, 76.8 percent, Singapore 75.7 percent, Japan 74.7 percent, South Africa 76.9 percent and Brazil 78.7 percent.

Meanwhile, for phishing attacks in the United Kingdom informed also increased near South Africa. UK became the most targeted for phishing emails in July. Where every 127.9 emails identified one email phishing attacks.

Meanwhile, phishing in South Africa has decreased so that the country was second with conditions, one in every 163.1 emails. While in the United States, phishing attacks is one in every 1.237 emails, and in Canada one in 192.6 emails.

In Germany, the rate of phishing is one in every 798.3 and in Denmark one of every 1448. In the Netherlands, one in every 526.9 emails. In Australia, phishing activity reached one email for every 850.8 emails and in Hong Kong one for every 2503 emails. In Japan, one for every 13,167 emails and in Singapore, one for every 872.9 emails. In Brazil, one in 382.4 emails being blocked and is regarded as phishing attacks.

For malware attacks that endanger, South Africa email was ranked first, one in every 125.2 emails, England, one in every 127.0 emails. In the United States, for the malware from email is the one out of every 634.8 emails and in Canada one in every 255.9 emails.

In Germany, the activity of the virus reaching one in every 482.1 emails, in Denmark, one of the 1033 emails and in the Netherlands one in every 451.3 emails. While in Australia, one in 654.8 emails are dangerous email, and in Hong Kong, one in 748.7 emails, in Japan one of every 2093 emails, compared with 1 in every 761.8 in Singapore. In Brazil, one in every 332.1 emails containing malicious content.

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    Spam is very annoying. They can make full my email in a short time.
    I spent a lot of time to sort the emails that are useless.

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      I was thinking about that, I seem to be bkilcong loads of spam recently I have used about 100+ so far. All I can think is to unblock some of the earlier ones when we have used the 500 up, and hope they wont start bombarding us with spam again, hope someone knows what we can do. Was this answer helpful?


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