David Beckham rent three baby sitter for new baby

Apparently, celebrity families and ex famous football player, David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham was busy taking care of their new baby named Harper Seven Beckham. Even the couple must pay 3 baby sitter at once to keep their newborn baby.

Harper Seven Beckham
Harper Seven Beckham

Harper Seven Beckham is their fourth child and also their first daughter. Where 3 previous children all are male, that are Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. Harper was so special to this couple. Even the hope of the princess getting the best care, David and Victoria to be willing to hire 3 nannies for three different shifts.

According to information, the couple had to spend £ 438,000 per year for the cost of this babysitter team. The main expectation of course their baby is getting treatment every time. With this expensive cost, David and Victoria reportedly hired a maid in the morning, an assistant for the day, and nurses for the night. All the nurses the baby was obtained from an agency in Los Angeles and worked on this celebrity family ever since Harper Seven Beckham was born.

And the special is this time David and Victoria to be careful in choosing a baby sitter. Because the baby sitter they had rented before, Abbie Gibson, 28, is rumored to be the cause of their feud household. To avoid reoccurrence, then David Beckham is willing to pay whatever, of course to wholeness and happiness of their household.

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