Easy steps to apply eyeliner pencil

To give definition to the eyes, one of which must be used is cosmetics eyeliner, of course besides eyeshadow and mascara. There are certain tips in the use of an eyeliner pencil, so that its use can beautify the eyes to the fullest. Here are tips on the use of an eyeliner pencil.

Beauty with eyeliner
Beauty with eyeliner

1. Eyeliner pencil must first be cleaned before use. It is necessary to ensure that the tip of a pencil eyeliner that will be applied near the eyes is always clean and new, for the sake of convenience in the application, and to maintain eye health.

2. Applications eyeliner pencil. Close one eye that will be applied using a finger, to pull the skin under the eyes to be more stable. Create points use an eyeliner pencil on the edge of the upper eyelid, close to the eyelashes grow, starting from the temple toward the nose. So as to create small dots along the line of the eyelid.

Aplication of eyeliner pencil
Aplication of eyeliner pencil

3. To create the impression of smoky, use a special brush eyeshadow, then insert it into the eyeshadow the same color with eyeliners. Then shake to remove remnants of flying. Use eyeshadow brush at the points that have been made ??before, drag it slightly to soften the remnants of the dots that look real.

4. For bottom lashes, finish with remaining colors in the eyeshadow brush. Start from the outer edge of the eyelids to the middle of the eyelid, but do not need to be applied until the entire bottom of the eye lids.

By performing the above steps correctly, then use an eyeliner pencil to enhance your eyes will be easier and maximum.

Eyeliner pencil sample
Eyeliner pencil sample

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