Easy tips that are not easily affected by cold

Erratic weather and cold can make a lot of people easily attacked by the common cold. Colds are also easily transmitted from one patient to another patient. Someone if attacked by a disease caused by this Rinovirus, more or less be disrupted their activities, to learn to be edgy, work does not concentrate and so on.

Cold disease
Cold disease

There are some important tips that can be done for the body to avoid this disease. The simplest way is to get enough rest and ideally is for one or two days. Get plenty of rest may strengthen the body’s immune system, making sufferers colds can come back healthy. Apparently Rinovirus can be resisted, just with the body’s immune system is one that works well.

But not all people have much time to rest, such as employees or workers. If a cold sufferer can not take time off to rest, a cold sufferer can rely on the mask for the move in their work.

If necessary, there is no harm in people with colds are taking supplements to strengthen the body’s immune system. Symptomatic medications can also be consumed to reduce cold symptoms that interfere. The drugs of this type are useful for relieving symptoms of colds, although not eliminate the main causes of the disease. Drugs that can be consumed as is drug fever, painkiller and cold medicine that many in the market.

Substances in foods can also cure a cold. For example iron, is one of the many minerals that can shorten the duration of a cold. Therefore multiply the consumption of foods containing these minerals during the rainy season. Intake of iron in the body can be reproduced with the vegetable, fish, beans and wheat.

In addition, it is also necessary to limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine in the body, because it can stimulate a person to urinate frequently. Because at the time of urination, causing much iron in the body that go wasted.

But if it is done all the above tips, body condition did not improve, we need to immediately consult a doctor or take medicine. Moreover, if the cold does not get better after two weeks or symptoms are accompanied by shortness of breath and high fever.

If taking medication, the drug should be adjusted with cold symptoms that plague people. If a cold accompanied by fever and headache, fever-lowering drugs such as paracetamol contain is the most appropriate.

If a cold accompanied by nasal congestion, you should choose medications that contain pseudoephedrine. Similarly, if a cold accompanied by cough, we must first identify whether the type of cough with phlegm or not. If cough with phlegm, then you should choose the medicine containing diluent sputum. Conversely, if a cold accompanied by dry cough, drug-containing cough suppressant, is the most appropriate for consumption.

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    Don’t be late to have a meal.. that’s the best way to keep our body stay away from cold.


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