Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons reportedly broke up

Rumored that the beautiful young artist Emma Watson has failed to maintain his love relationships. Emma Watson and her boyfriend at this time, Johnny Simmons, their relationship reportedly was on the ropes. Not yet clear why, but the relationship between the couple are reportedly cracking because Emma Johnny refuse an invitation to follow him to England.

Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons
Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons

The couple began dating since they met in the movie “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”, in June. But it officially, they are dating since September. In the same month 21 years old actress was asked Johnny to come with her to England to accompany completed study at Oxford University.

Unfortunately, this 24 years old actor refused to meet her demand. Since then, the relationship both reported increasingly tenuous. This was reinforced by the statement of one of the sources as saying that she had admitted that their current relationship is complicated.

Emma never told the source that his relationship with Johnny Simmons was in tough times. Emma felt now as though she had been shunned by Johhny and she was worried because today she is really busy with her career. Until now the couple have not managed to speak from heart to heart. Emma was invited Johnny to Oxford, but her boyfriend was not yet willing to say yes or not.

Emma is being educated at Oxford University after she studied at Brown University. But the character Hermione in the Harry Potter films are admitted she did not move the campus. She’s just completed one-year program of study English at Oxford.

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