Emma Watson decided by Francis Boulle

Emma Watson is an artist who is beautiful, rich and famous. Of course many men in the world who crave a girl like her. But that did not apply for Francis Boulle. Well-known businessman and a British reality show star is actually not want to maintain a relationship with Emma Watson.

Emma Watson

Togetherness they look when in July 2008, they were often seen together. There is even a successful paparazzi cameras get their photos, while they were dancing intimately at a party. These relationships create a growing rumor is they’re dating.

But the rumors were then dimmed, because Emma and Francis were never seen together again. Of course, these conditions make many people wonder about what happened with their relationship.

Emma Watson and Francis Boulle

Francis Boulle finally unlock the secrets of their relationship, after three years later. Men born October 20, 1988 revealed that he and Emma really had a courtship, albeit in a fairly short time, only then they broke up.

That relationship did not last long, after he had decided to discontinue the relationship with Emma Watson. It is indeed quite surprising. Especially as a woman, Emma Watson looks pretty perfect, be it physical, career and wealth.

Apparently, the reason for deciding Emma Francis because he was admitted as a very ambitious one. This man wanted to develop his career with the achievement of his own, without riding the fame of a name to anyone including to his girlfriend.

Francis said that he avoid any negative perception of other people because making love with young artists. However, Francis said that their current relationship is fine and still friends. The man also added that Emma was a woman who has a cool personality and very interesting girl.

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