Favorite songs of Lady GaGa

The world famous singer, Lady Gaga, has released three albums and has conducted a series of tour length. Lady GaGa’s appearance had been awaited by fans around the world. From all of songs that have been sung, of course Lady GaGa has a favorite song. Song that became her favorite song are Bad Romance, You and I, and Poker Face.

Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa

The statement expressed by Lady GaGa when asked by reporters. In fact, the songstress admits difficulties if asked about the songs that she liked most, because she loves all the songs that has been singing by her. But after thinking a moment, Lady GaGa finally chose that three title of her song.

Bad Romance songs have a special place in his heart because the song is very meaningful for Little Monsters every time she sing it. Then the song You and I, and Poker Face, because the song is his best work. Lady GaGa stating that You and I are one of the best songs ever wrote.

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