Fragrances of all time

In general, the classification of fragrances can be divided into three, based on the percentage of the essence of its fragrance and mixing materials. Namely perfumes, colognes and toilet waters. Perfumes have the most fragrant essence levels higher than the other two types. Therefore not surprising that the perfume has a price more expensive than other types.


On average, perfume contain 10-20 percent of fragrant essence, while colognes contain only 2.5 percent, while the toilet waters containing aromatic essence of below 2 percent. Therefore, the perfume will have a stronger flavor and smell more durable. Colognes will spread the scent that not too sharp, lightly impressed, but also durable. While toilet waters is the lightest fragrance, with a scent that quickly evaporate.

Perfume with a fragrance that classic, elegant and sumptuous still favored by the market. The following is a list of six well-loved classic perfumes of all time.

1. Chanel No. 5, launched in 1921
This perfume has a luxurious and sophisticated fragrance. Top notes of this perfume is thick with fragrant netroli, ylang, jasmine and roses. While it has a fragrance base notes of sandalwood and vanilla.

Chanel No 5, fragrances of all time

2. Joy, from Jean Patou, launched in 1929
Perfume is made ??from 10 thousand petals of jasmine, and 28 dozen roses bulgarian to make one ounce of perfume oil. Not surprisingly, the fragrance of perfumes is very unique, luxurious, as well as extravagant. Prices in the market, of course in accordance with the cost of manufacture.

3. Fracas from Robert Piquet, launched in 1948
Magnum opus of this perfume is very liked by the market, because it has a characteristic that is simple and feminine fragrance.

4. Shalimar from Guerlain, launched in 1925
This Perfume has a scent of jasmine, iris, and incense, so it has a fragrance of oriental perfume.

5. Opium from Yves Saint Laurent, launched in 1977
This perfume has a heady fragrance, the aroma of fruit, flower characters, and fragrant fresh herbs. Besides luxury, Opium offers a sexy scent, as well as mysterious in one bottle.

Opium from Yves Saint Laurent, fragrances of all time

6. Arpege from Lanvin, launched in 1927
Inspired by the musical term arpeggio, Arpege from Lanvin, giving the sensation perfumes flowers on its top notes, and the fragrance of music in its base note.

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