General Motors released the Cadillac ATS

Small-sized luxury car market is currently dominated by European manufacturers. An example is the BMW 3 series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C class. Given the tremendous opportunities in this market, General Motors of the United States challenged the European manufacturers to compete by releasing their latest car Cadillac ATS.

Cadillac ATS
Cadillac ATS

Cadillac ATS is the first small luxury car that was released by General Motors after producing Cimarron in 1980’s. Will but at the time, Cimarron failed to compete with other cars. Introduction Cadillac ATS performed at the Detroit auto show. By producing this car, General Motors hopes to have a car product that can be their luxury car production plant.

About the specifications, Cadillac ATS will have the interior design of wood and carbon fiber. In addition ATS will also be installed the latest technology from Cadillac, which features a touch screen interface with 8 inches. The technology will allow users to touch on the screen as much as they used to do on their smart phone.

As for the exterior design, Cadillac ATS is an art of lines and edges with sharp corners and narrow. The headlights are LED lights are used. The car will have a size of 4 inches longer than the rival BMW 3 series. Cadillac ATS will be the first vehicle with a turbocharged four-cylinder, 2.0 liter engine. The machine can produce 270 hp power and 260 feet of torque.

This luxury car will be manufactured at GM plant in Lansing, Michigan. Where in place also produced CTS coupe, sedan and wagon. Even according to the news, GM also will produce ATS coupe and convertible versions will likely produce.

Regarding the market, ATS will be placed on the market under their best-selling midsize sedan, the CTS. GM is even hope ATS will be able to defeat the sale of CTS as Cadillac’s best-selling car. Cadillac ATS is expected to revive sales of Cadillac, who had lost their momentum in the past year.

The decision of General Motors to produce a compact car is not without obstacles. Previously a lot of criticism of the Cadillac as it enters the compact car market, because previously Cadillac is known as a manufacturer of large luxury sedans. However, the management of GM denies criticism by arguing that market for a compact car segment volume is very large, especially for young buyers. By this reason, General Motors has finally decided to make a small luxury car Cadillac ATS, which ATS rear wheels will go on sale in middle 2012.

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