Green Mamba snake missing when floods Bangkok

An alarming news coming from the terrible floods in Bangkok, Thailand. Reported that 15 Green Mamba snake had been lost during the terrible floods. Green Mamba snake is very dangerous, because it is deadly poisonous snake. It is estimated that when humans are bitten by a snake, then within 20 minutes the victim will die, if not immediately given the right help.

Green Mamba

These conditions are a concern only after the issue saying that a lot of crocodiles roaming the city of Bangkok at the time of the flood.

Officials said that 15 African snakes are very dangerous, being a new problem. Government officials are trying hard to find the snakes that consists of two adult snakes, and 13 young snakes. The snakes are gone, when the floods struck a building in the area of Nonthaburi?Pak Kret, Thailand.

Green Mamba snake body size of adults is about two meters. Meanwhile young Mamba snake length is about one meter. Once the government made ??the announcement Bangkok snake loss, fears began to hit the people there.

Deputy Head of the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand, Chisanu Tiyacharoensri, said that the Green Mamba snake is very different from the usual Thai green snake. What is alarming is when there is no anti-venom serum Green Mamba in Thailand. The country is just asking for help sending serum from South America.

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    What a dangerous snake…. Their government must be give attention to catch them again.


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