Heir of wealth and property Steve Jobs

Amid the sad news with the death of Steve Jobs who is the founder of Apple Inc., the spread is also the question on the minds of observers of whom the heir to the treasure of the billionaire who has died is. As is known Steve Jobs had died of his cancer.

Steve Jobs house

It is not surprising because Steve Jobs is one of the 100 richest people in the world and is estimated to have a wealth of 8.3 billion U.S. dollars. To determine who is heir to wealth and property of Steve Jobs, it is not easy for his lawyers.

Steve Jobs has the obvious heirs, the wife and children. However, beyond such party Steve Jobs also known to have been raised by adoptive parents. So the conclusion is that Steve Jobs has a biological parent where now he is still alive. In addition, the billionaire also has a younger brother and met after they were both adults.

In addition to having a child outside marriage which is named Lisa Brennan-Jobs. Lisa is the son of Jobs with Chrisann Brennan, who was his lover in 1977. Lisa was born in 1978 and in the same year, Steve Jobs makes a computer LISA which stands for “Local Integrated Software Architecture”, first in the world.

On his marriage to Lorene Powell who is now his wife, they have three children named Eve, Erin and Reed. The family lived in a mansion in Palo Alto, California, which is worth 2.6 million U.S. dollars. The observer is not rude if curious about who is heir treasures Steve Jobs later. However, for the curious should be patient to wait, because the determination of heirs property Steve Jobs will be determined by a rather complicated process of course.

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