How to cook the food to be low in fat

Along with a growing sense of one’s care to health, how to cook healthy food that also need attention. It would be nice if when we cook, the food we produce is low in fat. The following tips are steps that can be done while cooking will produce a low-fat cuisine and still delicious to eat.

Cook low in fat
Cook low in fat
  • Get used to measure the amount of oil that we will use for cooking. In general people will pour oil out of the bottle without measuring it properly.
  • Use a pot or pan of non stick material, so that when the cook does not require too much oil. For sauteing, use a little chicken broth or wine instead of butter or oil.
  • There are some fruits and vegetables that the nutrients most located in the skin, for example potatoes or apples. If using its fruit and vegetables while cooking, not need to peel it and just need to clean it up.
  • In order to make broth free from fat, refrigerate chicken broth or beef broth that has been made. Fat have a nature float, so you will more easily discard the fat that floats.
  • Vitamin C is characterized by late and yawning when cooked. So when you cook vegetables contain more vitamin C, should be cooked in a little water in a time not too long.
  • Notice that the total supplies of spices in the meat dishes. Key delicious food but low in fat is in the spices used. Do not hesitate to enter the spices in your cooking.
  • Olive oil is best used for sauteing or make a salad. In addition to adding flavor cuisine, olive oil would be healthier for the body.
  • If you want to thicken the sauce using the milk, you should add a little flour then cook it in some time. The purpose is to not taste raw flour. The advantage is that the fat from meat and milk will be reduced.
  • When cooking food composition comprising meat and vegetables. Reduce the composition of meat as much as 1/3 part. Then change the composition of less with vegetables. Most of the food will not be reduced deliciousness in this way and more healthy.


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