Kate Winslet anti plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is often used as a shortcut for women who want to preserve her beauty. Although it was expensive and risky, plastic surgery is not uncommon anymore to do especially for the celebrities.

Kate Winslet

But for Kate Winslet, plastic surgery is not the way to do. Even the artist chooses to form a league of anti-cosmetic surgery to sensitize the celebrities not to be seduced by beauty which she said was not natural. According to her, plastic surgery is not in accordance with the teachings of her parents and morality contradict her. Kate Winslet prefers to try to preserve the natural beauty even though it took her trying harder.

Kate Winslet’s attitude is also supported by several other artists, such as Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson. For Rachel Weisz, someone who looks so perfect not necessarily look sexy or beautiful. While Emma Thompson, she realizes that the demands of today are always required somebody to look younger even they old.

Of the many beautiful Hollywood actress, not all of them rely on the results of plastic surgery. Another Hollywood actress who claims not at all interested in plastic surgery is Salma Hayek. For this women, the way by operation is not necessary to maintain the youthfulness of her face and body.

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