Katy Perry and Russell Brand divorced

The singer who sang the famous song “Fireworks”, Katy Perry divorced by her husband, British actor and comedian, Russell Brand. Seemingly happy marriage it turned out only lasted 14 months. An age of marriage is not long.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand
Katy Perry and Russell Brand

The statement disclosed by Russell Brand. The man said he was sad to end the marriage. But the ex-Katy’s husband said that although their marriage was over, they both will remain friends.

Divorce papers filed in court in Los Angeles said that the reason for their divorce is a distinction that can not be united again. A real reason is not so obvious, but is their privacy.

Previously, Katy Perry and Brand announced that the two had engaged in January 2010. Both began to close after the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. Katy appeared at that time singing and Brand as hosts. Brand and Katy Perry were married in October 2010 at a resort tiger conservation in India. They are regarded as one of the happiest couples in Hollywood.

They often praise each other in public. Earlier this year, Brand said that marrying Katy Perry has given him a lot of strength. Brand even said that during this work is everything for him, but after her marriage to Katy, he always returned to his wife and felt very comfortable.

Instead, Katy Perry praised her husband in August of 2011 VMA ago. It was 27 years old singer won three awards. In her statement, she expressed great pride to the Brand. To her anything that comes out of his mouth is very colorful for hers. Katy added that her husband is very smart and she learned many things from her husband.

But the intimacy is beautiful and looks in front of the public did not last long. Their household new rift suspected when they were seen without the use of wedding rings on the last vacation they do. Peak quarrel finally happened on Christmas day yesterday.

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