Know the perfume and the positive effects

When we talk about perfume, meaning we are talking about one’s sense of smell. One’s taste of perfume is very diverse, so did the kind of perfume on the market. Besides the fragrance, perfume also have positive side effects, such as can give a sense of comfort or reduce stress.

Know the perfume

Perfume soothing
A director of The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Dr. Alan Hirsch MD, from the United States, said that the aroma of peaches and pears can have a positive effect, in the form of anxiety relief. Natural aroma that comes from this fruit, can help a person cope with stress, because it has a soothing aroma.

Perfume giver feel good
Perfume that can give this positive effect are perfume with the scent of vanilla, almonds, honey or caramel. According to Victoria Bonofiglio, a professor of cosmetics and Fragrance Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, the scent produced by these material will provide a sensation of warmth and cozy feeling.

Perfumes generating enthusiasm and passion
The smell of perfume from cinnamon, which has a sweet pungent odor, can make users feel sexy. It is very important because it can increase confidence. While peppermint can provide fresh sensation for its users. Perfume with aroma of chocolate can increase the hormone serotonin, which is generating positive energy within the body.

Cinnamon for enthusiasm perfume

Perfume pleasure giver
Perfume has a scent that is very helpful to maintain household harmony, with increasing passion marital relationship. The smell of candy is one scent that can induce pleasure for couples. As stated by Dr. Hirsch, who said that the candy can be a reward to someone does something good and can also be interpreted as a guilty pleasure food.

Perfume that can add the spirit
To get the positive benefits of this, one can choose perfume with the scent of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, or citrus. Effects of aroma is able to refresh the mind and generate energy. Conclusions are also expressed by Dr. Hirsch, that the citrus scent can stimulate the brain, whose job it is to make someone awake.

Perfume choice on the market

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