List of 10 smallest countries in world

The existing countries in the world has a different area or region from one country to another. But did you know that there are countries that have a very narrow region, even more narrow than a city, especially when compared with the world famous city of New York or London. It is quite unique, because with a very narrow area could stand a sovereign state. This is a list of ten countries which have the smallest region in the world.

1. Vatican City
Area of state: 0.44 km2
The range of the total population: 800 people

Vatican City, smallest country
Vatican City

This smallest country in the world is located in mainland Europe. The country is located in Rome, Italy, which was established to protect the Basilica of St. Peter, which is the spiritual center of Roman Catholics that spread all over the world. The average resident in this country is not a permanent resident. Residents usually are there because of duty, one of which is the spiritual duty.

2. Monaco
Area of state: 1.95 km2
The range of the population: 32,000 people

Monaco, one of smallest country

The second smallest country in the world also are in mainland Europe, which is located near Nice, France. Monaco is the kingdom which consists of only one municipality. The main source of state revenue is from tourism, which include a casino gambling center. However, there are restrictions for the citizens of Monaco to gamble in a casino of their own country. According to the constitution of 1911, the kingdom of Monaco is divided into three cities, namely:

  • Monaco Ville, known as the Rock of Monaco, where lies the state palace.
  • Monte Carlo, is a residential and resort area, with the Monte Carlo Casino on the east and northeast.
  • La Condamine, the northwest of the port area, Port Nicholas Flores.

3. Nauru
Area of state: 21 km2
The range of the population: 14,014 people

Nauru, one of smallest country

The 3rd smallest country in the world are located in the southern Pacific Ocean, just below the equator to the south of the Marshall Islands. This country was once named Pleasant Island. Nauru declared as an independent country is a republic in 1968. One thing unique is that this country has no capital city, but the city Yaren, classified by the UN as the main district, as most government offices are in this district. The results of the famous mines in this small country is a phosphate.

4. Tuvalu
Area of state: 26 km2
The range of the population: 11,500 people

Tuvalu, one of smallest country

It is an archipelago which is also located in the Pacific Ocean, located between Hawaii and Australia. Previously, the country is called the Ellice Islands. A quite unique of this island nation is the highest land owned by this state is only 5 meters above sea level.

5. San Marino
Area of state: 61.2 km2
The range of the population: 29,251 people

San Marino, one of smallest country
San Marino

The country is located in Europe, in the northern border province of Rimini, Italy. His reign was the Republican and 94% population are Roman Catholic. San Marino’s sovereignty as an independent state gained in 1797, from France that at the time was led by Napoleon. While other European countries recognize the sovereignty of that country in 1815.

6. Liechtenstein
Area of state: 160 km2
The range of the population: 35,000 people

Liechtenstein, one of smallest country

This country is the kingdom, which is between Switzerland and Austria. Its area is a hilly area. Although small, Liechtenstein is a country rich and prosperous. This country’s main income is from banking services and tourism.

7. Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI)
Area of state: 181 km2
The range of the population: 62,000 people

This country is an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean. The first European explorers who discovered the Marshall Islands is Alonso de Salazar, Spanish. However, these islands were not visited again for centuries, until England captain John Marshall visiting the islands again in 1788. In World War I and World War II, Germany, Japan and the United States each took turns occupying the islands. This is where the United States conducted nuclear tests in World War II.

8. Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
Area of state: 261 km2
The range of the population: 42,696 people

This small country located in the Leeward Islands, the Caribbean, which is a federal two-island state in the West Indies. Five thousand years before Europeans came in, the island was inhabited by Native Americans that the Indian tribes. In 1962 a battle with Kalinago (Indian) against Colonial, which causes most of the tribe was destroyed. Initially, this two small islands stands alone as a State, but the British forced the two island and the island of Anguilla to be one country. All three became a state in 1967. But in 1971, Anguilla rebelled and broke away. St. Kitts and Nevis himself declared its independence in 1983.

9. Republic of Maldives
Area of state: 300 km2
The range of the population: 379.174 people

Republic of Maldives gained independence from Britain in 1965, is a small country consisting of many islands in the Indian Ocean. Unique Affairs, Population in Male, which is the capital city of around 103,693 inhabitants, were other islands, amounting to 1192 the island, inhabited by an average of just 200 people. Another uniqueness is the Maldives, is a country located at the lowest point above sea level. Thus, the average height of thousands of islands is only 1.5 meters above sea level. This is the lowest country in the world when measured from sea level.

10. Republic of Seychelles
Area of state: 455km2
The range of the population: 81,755 people

Republic Seychelles is an archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about 1,600 km east of mainland Africa and northeast of Madagascar. Neighboring countries are Mauritius and Reunion in the south, Comoros and Mayotte to the southwest, and the Maldives to the northeast. This island nation got its independence from Britain in 1976.

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