List of buildings with most unique and magnificent architecture in the world

This is a list of a skyscraper which are masterpiece building from the world class genius architects, which is very beautiful. The buildings are in addition to having the maximum function, also has a beautiful shape and stunning. Even for the layman, the shape of the building is sometimes unexpected. At the very least the most important contribution of the building that has a unique shape is to beautify the city landscape. Moreover, cities now have very dense and saturated. Of course with the presence of unique and beautiful building that could bring fresh views for city dwellers. And one more thing that is not less important is the building could become an icon of a city. This is a list of the most unique and most beautiful buildings in the world equipped with the image these buildings.

Aqua, USA


AQUA BUILDING, one of unique architecture building
Aqua building, USA, looks like water

As the name implies, this beautiful building use water style concept. Its location is in the city of Chicago, USA. Construction completed in 2009. The walls of this building looks like a very beautiful like water waves.

Chicago Spire, USA

CHICAGO SPIRE, one of unique architecture building
Chicago Spire, USA, twisted

Chicago Spire is a building with unique architecture and is also one of the skyscrapers in the world. Construction completed in 2010. Model building is very unique, because the shape of twisted and shrunk to the top.

Penang Global City Center, Malaysia

PENANG GLOBAL CITY CENTER, one of unique architecture building
Penang Global City Center, Malaysia

The location of this building is in the area of Penang, Malaysia. With two high towers and face to face, this building looks like two large cobras who was standing.

CCTV Headquarters, China

CCTV HEADQUARTERS, one of unique architecture building
CCTV Headquarters, China

These buildings prepared by China to welcome the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The form is a box, with the top bend and float in the air.

Gazprom Headquarters, Russia

GAZPROM HEADQUARTERS, one of unique architecture building
Gazprom Headquarters, Russia, glass flame

This is a flame glass building, which will reflect approximately 10 times the color of sunlight. Reflections are very dependent on the position of the sun at that time. Although its architecture is very unique and beautiful, but also many people who do not like the glare that bounces off.

Russia Tower, Russia

RUSSIA TOWER, one of unique architecture building
Russia Tower, Russia, pyramid tower

Russia Tower Building has a pyramid shape with steel nets on the outside. These nets are highlighted, as a privilege shape. However, the very thing that makes this a very attractive building.

Residence Antilia, India

RESIDENCE ANTILIA, one of unique architecture building
Residence Antilia, India, rack concept

If other buildings feature glass as its main element but the Residence Antilia which located in India, brought the concept of a beautiful building that is different than another. Shape like bookshelves stratified. Each level contains buildings such as the shape of its own.

Reggata Hotel, Jakarta

REGATTA HOTEL, one of unique architecture building
Regatta Hotel, Indonesia, inverted U

Design hotel being built in Jakarta, Indonesia is unique and controversial. The form is an inverted letter U, or it could also be said horseshoe shaped.

Burj Dubai, Dubai

BURJ DUBAI, one of unique architecture building
Burj Dubai, Dubai, city icon

Skyscrapers in Dubai called the Burj Dubai is also the result of extraordinary architectural masterpiece. The form is the pieces of pipe that the pipe to the top leaving the center. The building looks very handsome.

That is part of the skyscrapers that have a unique shape, controversial, beautiful and amazing. There are many other beautiful buildings resulting from the brilliant works of architecture. More and more, will come new ideas about buildings form an attractive, that human thought.

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