Luxury cruise Costa Concordia sank at Italian sea

A luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia sank off the coast of Tuscany, Italy. As a result, 4,200 people were evacuated by boat to nearby islands. Meanwhile, three people were killed in this incident. According to a BBC report, the victim was killed in the crash has reached six figures. One person died of a heart attack, because it did not withstand the extremely cold water temperatures.

Costa Concordia cruise

The tragedy of the sinking of this ship, like the history of the famous sinking of the Titanic. Francesco Paolillo coast guard, said that current relief team is conducting a rescue of 50 passengers are still trapped in the vessel. He was concerned if the death toll to rise. The ship was carrying 1,000 passengers, more than 500 German and 160 French citizens, and about 1,000 crew.

Costa Concordia sank at night
Costa Concordia rescue

One passenger said when the accident occurred during the dinner hour. Today, the survivors took refuge in schools, hotels, and a church in a small Tuscan island, a popular vacation island about 25 kilometers from Italy.

According to Luciano Castro, one of these cruise ship passengers, at dinner suddenly heard an explosion and fell to the floor plate. Not much later the lights went out and the passengers began to panic, as many fallen and broken glass. Like a scene from Titanic.

Costa Concordia sank from top
Costa Concordia sank from top

Italian coast guard said if the yacht was the cause of the accident is still unknown. Most likely the fateful ship sank after hitting a large rock in the waters of Giglio. Parties Costa Concordia reported a serious electrical damage after two hours of sailing from the port. According to the plan, the yacht will carry a seven-day trip in the Mediterranean cruise.

At the time of the incident, after the sound of the explosion and the lights went out, the passengers were ordered to wear a safety jacket and was ordered into the lifeboats to be used to abandon ship. But then the boat on one side of the ship has been elusive, because its position was on top and difficult lowered until it reaches the water surface. While the other side of the ship slowly continues to sink. Fortunately most of the passengers could be saved by using a rescue ship and then evacuate them to the schools, hotels and churches in the small island of Giglio, within 18 miles off the coast.

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