Many newcomers Kpop girlband formed

Throughout the year, the Korean music world enlivened by the formation of more than 27 girlband newcomers. The competition took place with strict and not easy for them to attract the attention of music lovers Korea.


Every day, girlband number continues to grow, otherwise they are a lot of success decreases. Although the Korean music market still supports the trend girlband. Call it the new names such as Dal Shabet, a subsidiary of Cube Entertainment. Seven personnel girlband consisting of gorgeous girls is no difficulty in attracting the attention of Korean music fans. In a short time, their debut song titled “I Do not Know” immediately dominates the world music charts in Korea.

In addition Dal Shabet and A-Pink, there are still some other girlband who try their luck in the Kpop world. In fact, most of the girlband was formed by several prominent producers. Call it Raina, produced by Teddy Riley. Despite carrying the name of the creator of a song called “Dangerous” owned by Michael Jackson, they have not been so successful steal the attention of the fans.


One of Korea’s leading producer, Brave Brothers also orbit a new group called Brave Girls. On the other hand, Yedang Entertainment also helped form a group called Chi-chi. Unfortunately, the new girlband project they have not managed to steal the public’s attention.

Not only with several famous Korean producers, some other girlband also carry a unique concept in order win the hearts of fans. For example, girlband with three personnel mulatto named Chocolat or girlband is touted as the female version of 2PM, April Kiss. Before starting debut, one personnel group that was formed by Top Class Entertainment, Kim Ga Young had become a guest star KBS 1 Night and 2 Days. Even so, the appearance is not much to boost the popularity of Stellar.


The fact is that the demand for Korean girlband has increased, their appearance is also quite high. Although girlband is the current trend, to get a chance to appear in a musical event, not an easy thing. Girlband Korea today if want to survive the stiff competition must be detailed and meticulous in planning their formation.

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