Most beautiful and magnificent castles in the world

One building that has beautiful architecture and interesting form is the castle. Because of its beauty not infrequently the castle entered in fairy tales. Apparently, the castle in the world which has a beautiful architecture and attractive are quite a lot. Among them are castles that exist below.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

This is a beautiful castle situated on a hill near Hohenschwangau, in southern Bavaria, Germany. The castle was built by Ludwig II of Bavaria. It is said in the 19th century, this castle is where the community Bavaria to work hard. Because of its beauty, this castle was the inspiration Sleeping Beauty castle at Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Park.

Today the castle is one of the favorite tourist destination of visitors from around the world. An estimated number of visitors reached a peak during the summer reaching up to 6,000 visitors per day. At first the tourists are prohibited to photograph the interior of the castle. Ludwig did not even allow visitors to come to this castle, but after his death in 1886 the building was opened to the public. This is done to pay down the debt Ludwig for completion of construction of the castle.

2. Mont Saint Michel, France

Mont Saint Michel, France

The castle has the most beautiful scenery compared with other castle, because the selection of building site which is very unique, which is founded in the midst of a rocky island in Normandi, about one kilometer from the coast of northern France. The castle was named Mont Saint-Michel, which is a building owned by the monastery and has a Gothic architecture. The entire island is owned by the monastery church. According to a growing legend, the angel Michael appeared to St. Aubert, bishop of Avranches in 708 and ordered him to establish a church on the island. Establishment is conducted in the 13th century.

The island where the castle is located was originally connected with the mainland using a land bridge, which when the tide covered in water and when the water receded seemed to surface. Therefore, the Mont Saint-Michel dubbed the tidal island. To facilitate the mobility of the island built a causeway in 1879.

3. Malbork Castle, Poland

Malbork Castle, Poland

This beautiful castle made of bricks, which is located in the south of the river Nogat. Previously, the castle was named Marienburg which is the base class san. During its development, the castle has been expanded several times in accordance with the development of the number of knights. Castle building structure consists of three separate buildings, namely the upper, middle and bottom sections, each section separated by a dry moat and towers.

Malbork Castle is the largest gothic building in the whole of Europe. The building was once inhabited by approximately 3000 soldiers with the wall area reaches 210,000 square meters. So the castle is four times larger than the Windsor Castle.

In the course of history, the castle ever damaged in World War II and in 1959 the castle also got fire, even the main stay of the cathedral ruins. But the castle was successfully renovated in 1962.

4. Lowenburg Castle, Germany

Lowenburg Castle, Germany

As a first medieval building which is still in good condition, this castle became a pioneer in the world’s most famous castle nicknamed Cinderella Castle 20th century. This castle is the private residence of Landgrave Wilhelm IX. Interestingly, Landgrave park in it similar to Disney World Tokyo. This makes the castle Lowenburg called Disneyland in its time.

The location of this castle is in the Garden Wilhemshole also called the Castle Lion. Character building is the Landgrave Wilhelm IX of Hesse Kassel. While the architect is the architect of the kingdom at that time was named Heinrich Christoph Jussow, highly skilled and experienced in building projects in France, Italy and England. The architecture also had to learn English Romantic style building. The result, this castle was the first neo-gothic building in Germany, which on the back there are many rooms as well as bridges at the front and a tower.

5. Prague Castle, Czech Republic

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

This castle is one of the largest castle in the world and get into the Guinness Book of Records. The building has a height of 570 meters. The castle was founded in the 10th century by the Basilica of Saint George and the Basilica of St. Vitus.

Castle describes nearly every architectural style of the late millennium. At this time, almost all all areas of Prague Castle was opened to tourists. Now the castle be a museum including the Bohemian national galleries and art shows about the history of the Koruna. Museum and the paintings in the gallery Prague Castle are collection of King Rudolph II and also store the diamond crown The Czech. Shakespeare Festival held during the summer, has also been held in the courtyard of the castle.

6. Palacio da Pena, Portugal

Palacio da Pena, Portugal

This beautiful castle is located in Sao Paolo Penferrim, Portugal, which was built on a hill in the town of Sintra. Views of the castle is visible from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, when the weather was sunny.

National Palace of Pena is the oldest castle that inspired the style of European romanticism which is a national monument and one of the main expressions of the 19th century world of romanticism style. This palace was built after the Virgin Mary’s apparition in 1943. As a promise to his wife, Queen Leonor, later King John II made this castle as a place for pilgrimage.

The palace is entered in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list and one of the seven wonders of Portugal. In addition, the castle is also often used for ceremonies by the President of the Republic of Portugal and other formal occasions. The building style is a blend of Neo-Renaissance, Islamic, Neo-Gothic and Neo-Manuelisme with a taste of exotic romance.

7. The Potala Palace, Tibet

The Potala Palace, Tibet

This magnificent castle is located in Tibet, precisely in the area of Lhasa. The name of the castle was taken from the mountain where the castle is located, namely Mount Potala. Since ancient times this castle is the home of the Dalai Lama’s head, until eventually the 14th Dalai Lama left it and went to Dharamsala, India, after the invasion and rebellion occurred in 1959. Today the castle was used as a museum by China.

Building foundations made of copper, to prevent damage caused by earthquakes. The building has 1,000 rooms, more than 10,000 temples and a very exciting is to have 200,000 sculptures. The highest peak of the castle called Marpo Ri, which means red hill.

8. Matsumoto Castle, Japan

Matsumoto Castle, Japan

As the name implies this castle was located in Japan. Even the castle is one of the best and most historic castles in the country. Matsumoto Castle is located in the city of Matsumoto, Nagano, which can be reached by land route from Tokyo.

At first, the castle was built as a fortress during the war. In 1550, in Matsumoto area under the power of the Takeda clan and the Tokugawa Leyasu. The castle was ever completed its construction in the late 16th century by retaining the original interior wood and stones on the outside. Matsumoto is the castle of the mainland, because it is not built on a hill or in the middle of the river or the island, where such construction of the other castles.

In the course of history, when Toyotomi Hideyoshi move Tokugawa Leyasu to the Kanto region, he putsIshikawa Norimasa to lead Matsumoto. Then Norimasa and his sons built a tower and some other parts of the castle. Matsumoko Castle also know as Crow Castle, because the walls are black and the roof was like crow wings.

9. Predjamski Castle, Slovenia

Predjamski Castle, Slovenia

The uniqueness of this castle is a building structure that blend with a cave. Predjamski Castle is located ten kilometers from Postojna Cave, Slovenia. The castle is owned by a robber knight Erazem of Predjama. Another uniqueness is the castle has smaller size and lower than the other castle. Predjanski name taken from a village near the castle.

Construction of the castle began in the 12th century which development is done in stages starting from the left side of the building. While on the right side of the building done in 1570. Today the building of the castle had stood for over 700 years. The most interesting part of the building is a residence, chapel and basement, including weapons, oil paintings, and maps dating from 1420.


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