Most beautiful and popular race of cats in world

Cats are one of animals that many used as pets of the family in the world. Because cat is an animal that is very close to humans. Cats often become friends by their owners while sitting with family or even invited to play in bed. Apparently, cats have a fairly diverse races and on average have their own characteristic that is unique and interesting. This is a list races of cats in the world that very beautiful and popular, so have many fans.

1. Persian cat

Persian cat, popular cat
Persian cat

It is a popular type of cat who came from Persia. This cat is known as a faithful and beautiful cat. Characteristic is that they have long hair, round face and short nose. This cat needs a comfortable environment to feel safe. Persian Cat in average need high priced care and need of care every day. But the price of these care is comparable to the appearance that very beautiful.

2. Siamese cat

Siamese cat, popular cat
Siamese cat

This cat has short hair, shiny, soft, smooth and tight. Cats are very fond of communicating with the owner and likes attention. These cats tend to be crowded and noisy if there is a lack of attention to it. They also like to be stroked, very loyal and very close to the people.

3. Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cat, popular cat
Ragdoll cat

When viewed at a glance, this cat looks creepy. That’s because the Ragdoll cat is a cat that has a relatively larger body size than other cats. But actually this big cat is a tame cat, calm and affectionate nature also has a large against the owner. For example, if appointed, this cat will relax. This cat has a pretty beautiful feathers and blue eyed.

4. Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon cat, popular cat
Maine Coon cat

This race of cat has long fur on his body and has a long tail and feathered. This cat has a strong and agile body. In addition they are not spoiled cat, so it does not require complicated treatment or makeup. The advantages of this cat is very well located in a family environment and can close with the kids.

5. Exotic cat

Exotic cat, popular cat
Exotic cat

These cats came from Persia. They was happy when asked to play and do not like to be left alone by their owners. In addition, these cats including cat quiet and do not like noise, so it is suitable owned by the owners who live in the crowded home environment or who lived in the apartment. In the case of hunting mice in the house, this cat is very clever.

6. Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat, popular cat
Abyssinian cat

There is some suggestion that these cats came from Egypt, but it is still uncertain. Cat fur is very dense and soft to the touch. In their daily life, this cat likes the move, look busy and very funny. Appearance of this cat is very interesting because it has a long pointy ears

7. Manx cat

Manx cat, popular cat
Manx cat

This cat is the type of cat that has a short tail, the result of natural evolution. Manx cat is skillfully hunt even in young age. They are often used by farmers to maintain profitable crop from rodents. The uniqueness of the body of this cat is to have a longer hind legs than front legs. This cat looks very funny because it has a rounded head with eyes, nose and ears are small.

8. Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cat, popular cat
Sphynx cat

This cat has a unique characteristic, namely the lack of hair on the body. Sphynx cat also known as Canada Mexico cat. At care, this cat also needs a bath because the hair has very little that make the body’s natural oils is not absorbed by those fur which very little. Another feature is having a very large eye. By nature, Sphynx cat is a cat that lively, intelligent, high curiosity and affection to its owner. So do not be surprised if this cat is really like when they’re in bed with their owner under the blanket.

9. Burmese Cat

Burmese cat, popular cat
Burmese cat

This is one of cat race that have short hair and gold or yellow colored eyes. These interesting eye color is what makes this cat became popular. This race has grown witch crosses with another cat race, resulting of cats which have green or blue eyes. This cat has a lively character.

10. Savannah Cat

Savannah cat, popular cat
Savannah cat

Many families who keep this cat in the house. Curiosity the cat is very high and also intelligent. That’s what makes them skilled open the door or cupboard. In addition, this cat is also easy to practice, for example by walking on the rope. Their social life is very high so it can easily be familiar with the new human met or even with the dog. Perhaps that is one important reason why the cat has become one of the most widely reared cat families. One thing that is very unique is that this cat is not afraid of water. Not infrequently this cat lover who took them in the bath.

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