Most important make up equipment for women

The women and makeup equipment are two things that can not be separated. Make up has always been part of life most women in the world, although only a minimalist makeup. Every woman would have different habits in their beauty treatments.

Make up equipment

Here is a very interesting survey produced by a cosmetics company. The company surveyed 300 women from the United States and 300 women from France to find out about the make up equipment the most important for women and can not be abandoned.

The survey by providing a simple question to these women, ie what make up equipment that can not they leave? The answers obtained from respondents in the United States and France had shown different results. For American women, most of them can not leave the house if not use foundation or concealer. As for the women of France can not be separated from their usual wear mascara. While the following are the survey results obtained from the United States women.

25% = Foundation / concaler
22% = Lipgloss / lipstick
22% = no lipstick at all
16% = Mascara
7% = Sunscreen
2% = Blush on
2% = eyebrow pencil
1% = eyeshadow
1% = Eyeliner
1% = Body lotion
1% = Other

That the results obtained from the women of the United States response. Of course the answer could be different between women from one country with another country, depending on the habits of women in that country. Well how about you?

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    Interesting topic, I hope I will more beautiful by doing your tips.

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    Make up and woman.. they can’t separated, of course. Thanks for nice information.


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