Qantas will launch two new Asia flights

One of the airlines from Australia, Qantas, plans to launch two new airline companies that focus on Asia. The new airlines are named Japan Airlines and Mitsubishi.

Qantas Airways
Qantas Airways

Both airlines will use the fleet the Airbus A320 jet aircraft for the sake of confirming their reputation as the aircraft of choice in the regional network. Qantas will also be planning to acquire up to 110 them aircraft, worth more than 9.4 billion U.S. dollars as stated in the listing price.

In addition Qantas also disburse funds amounting to 9 billion U.S. dollars to renew their fleet. Earlier, Qantas to review operations offshore to cut costs and unprofitable routes. Not only that, Qantas also will cut 1000 jobs they have at the moment.

Qantas management said that they would make the flight base in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. As the impact of making international operations in Asia, Qantas also plans to suspend some flights on the distant and would retire their old planes. While, Qantas has not determined the exact date of the new company will be launched.

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    Their management must be think again, after a massive demonstration of their employees some time ago.


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