Rihanna expelled by Irish farmers

Rihanna’s performances tend to be sexy is not necessarily accepted by all parties. Rihanna has recently experienced something unpleasant, that is expelled from the fields of agriculture by a farmer from Bangor, Northern Ireland, while filming a video clip for her song. Farmer named Alan Graham.

Sexy show of Rihanna
Sexy show of Rihanna

For economic reasons, of course a farmer would be happy if their land could be used as filming locations video clips from the song of a world famous celebrity, like Rihanna. However, apparently it doesn’t lessen the disappointment felt by Alan. The farmer was disturbed when he saw the process of filming a video clip of Rihanna which use clothes too sexy.

The incident began when a number of Rihanna and her crew using the fields owned by Alan Graham as a location for filming a video clip entitled “We Found Love”. At the time Rihanna was changing clothes several times and every clothes are very minimal and sensual.

As seen in the video clip Rihanna others, at that clothing worn by Rihanna are low jeans which showing underwear, flannel shirt with unbuttoned showing her bra, and loose tops without subordinates at all.

Sensual appearance making Alan Graham feel uncomfortable, at which time he was close to the shooting location. Alan initially be silent with the sexy appearance of Rihanna. However, the farmer could not be silent and get angry, when Rihanna casually undressed her boss.

The farmers felt it had crossed the line. Therefore, Alan asks Rihanna and the crew to stop filming on his farm with a fine. The farmer had spoken briefly with the crew and then they shake hands. Alan Graham considers that what was done by Rihanna can not be accepted by people in the area. In the end, Rihanna and the crew leaving the farm and didn’t continue shooting the video clip. The Alan admitted that he did not hate Rihanna at all and he told Rihanna hopefully can get closer to God.


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