Riots in London, England extends on the fourth day

More than 16,000 police officers deployed to the streets in an effort to prevent rioting continued on the fourth night in the UK. As stated by Prime Minister David Cameron told the BBC. Shops and businesses in some areas close earlier in time, in an effort to avoid violence and looting spread through London on Monday.

London riot
London riot

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to restore order, given the British Parliament has reacted to the incident the unrest that continues to spread to several cities as an act of revolting anarchist.

A CCTV footage showing 32 people who were arrested and tried for crimes such as theft and vandalism during the riots before. Among them were graphic designers, students, youth workers, university graduates and a man who has signed up to join the army. So far 563 people have been arrested and 105 people determined to be suspect of cases of violence in the British capital.

Meanwhile, British police, Scotland Yard said a 26 years old man who was shot in a car when riot in Croydon, south London, confirmed to have died in the hospital.

Cameron had a meeting and gave some orders to the London Metropolitan police officers in Lambeth on Tuesday afternoon. He condemned what he called an act of disgust, for people who are looting, destroying, stealing, robbing.

He also has called Parliament to meet on Thursday to participate handle unrest in England. Dialing MPs will allow them to jointly condemn this crime and together to rebuild communities.

Cameron was forced to return more quickly from his holiday in Tuscany, Italy to discuss the riots, which first flared up on Saturday, after the peaceful protest at Tottenham, on the brutal shooting of a police officer to citizen named Mark Duggan. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh said the use of plastic bullets, will be considered carefully in dealing with rioters and looters in the streets. Police believe some of the rioters have been using BlackBerry Messenger to send messages to regulate violence on the streets.

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