Samoa and Tokelau changing time zones

This is a rare case, where two small country located in the Pacific Ocean changing the time zone of their country. The country is Samoa and Tokelau. Step changing the timezone is pretty drastic, so the time in the country to jump straight from Thursday to Saturday, with no Friday the 30th of December 2011.

Samoa country
Samoa country

The plan is not new, because Samoa has announced it will take a decision at the previous May. Efforts are made in order to improve trade relations with Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile Tokelau countries announced the decision in October before.

Tokelau is a small country that is under the administration of New Zealand. The country consists of three islands and located north of Fiji, between Hawaii and the east coast of Australia. Meanwhile, Samoa located roughly between New Zealand and Hawaii. Samoa population reached 180,000 people with the time zone before it was changed, the difference of 21 hours behind Sydney, Australia.

Samoa and Tokelau map

Since that time zone changes, Samoa and Tokelau no longer have the time that remains almost a day from the nearest region’s biggest trading partner countries, New Zealand and Australia. Time zone Samoa and Tokelau are now being three hours ahead of New Zealand and Australia.

Due to the time difference of one day causing Samoa and Tokelau lost two working days of the week, when compared with the closest region. Because of the difference one day earlier, so when in Samoa and Tokelau on Friday (business day), in New Zealand is on Saturday (day off). Meanwhile, when in Samoa and Tokelau on Sunday (day off), in Sydney and Brisbane are on Monday (business day).

Due to the condition that they lost two working days in one week. Local government policy remains instructed that employees from various companies in Samoa will still get the reward on Friday. However, bank loans are not allowed to charge interest on the lost day.

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