Seven habits of women who are not attractive to men

Women are beautiful creatures in the eyes of men. By nature, men are interested in a woman qualities which soft and smooth, which is differs from them. However, there are a few examples of the behavior of women who are not liked by most men. So to maintain relationships with their partners, women should avoid bad habits such as those mentioned below.

Seven habits of women who are not attractive to men
Man and woman relationship

1. Say dirty words
Is normal if a woman is upset to spend a little swear words. But if say dirty to much, it will make men lose their appetite. The majority of men whether he rich or poor, would require the touch of a classy woman even only in terms of said words. Actually a lot of choice words that can be used if upset, not need too formal, which is important is just not to say the words that are not pleasant to hear.

2. Too much complaining
Women who are too fussy with a variety of complaints is very tiring for a man. Usually a man would choose to silent when a woman begins to over-express their grievances. The reason is because if taken will usually worsen. Attitude to complain too much will make men lose the desire and will also make them always feel guilty.

3. Excessive body hair
Men do not like to see excessive hair on a woman’s body, because they associate body hair, with the hormone testosterone. If it is too excruciating to perform waxing, plucking, shaving, and any system of reducing body hair, at least trim the hair is not essential to make look neat and attractive.

4. Make up too thick
The majority of men prefer women who wear makeup minimalist to improve their appearance. The appearance that seemed natural, for men will look more sexy. So should women do not wear make up too thick especially in the event the first date. The use too thick of make up will make a woman look like a circus clown for men. Especially if it’s thick makeup to soiling their clothes.

Make up to much
Make up to much

5. Making fun of him in front of others
Men always uphold their self-esteem and ego. The men still could receive if they called by the names of woman favorite doll. However, it is different if they made fun of in front of other people who make them look stupid, it has hurt their ego. Even worse if the man berated in front of others.

6. Talk about bodily functions that are not necessary
Although a couple have agreed to not keep a secret, but there are some situations that men do not need to know. Passion a man can be lost when a woman says that she finished shitting. Things that do not need to be discussed should not have to be disclosed. Although the men knew the habits of women are also human beings, but they prefer not to talk about it. Men prefer to think that women spend time in the toilet to dress up or straighten hair.

7. Have fun to miss
Men like women who know how to have fun. However, if her fun way was out of line, will make a man who became her partner to be ashamed. For example when the woman was drunk at the bar over-skirt, lifting it high and laughing hysterically. Surely the man would not like her behavior like that.

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