Simoncelli name immortalized for the circuit name

To commemorate the late Marco Simoncelli, young drivers who died in an accident in Malaysia, the racer’s name will be immortalized for the name of the racing circuit. It is the Misano circuit in Italy.

Misano circuit
Misano circuit

During his life, Simoncelli stay in Cattolica, which is an area located about eight kilometers from the circuit. Director of the Misano circuit, Luca Colaiacovo declare that it is very proud of the circuit that manages the change into the circuit Marco Simoncelli. He added that Simoncelli was a great racer, both during the race as well as in everyday life.

Misano circuit is used to host MotoGP race starting from 2007. In 2011, Marco Simoncelli finished fourth at the time of the race at the circuit. Director-circuit state that changes the name of the circuit is an homage to family Simoncelli, and hundreds of thousands of fans of these great riders.

Marco Simoncelli
Marco Simoncelli

Meanwhile Italian Honda team manager Fausto Gresini stated, that the MotoGP race season continued, despite all racing fans in the world is still suffused with the atmosphere of sorrow. The decision was taken not easy, but many believe that Simoncelli himself certainly did not want to cancel the MotoGP race season. Forward the MotoGP race is a great way to commemorate Marco Simoncelli.

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    Great racer…. yes, I am agree too if his name became circuit name.


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