Solar storms will grab the earth

In recent days, due to three major explosion on the surface of the Sun over the last week, would cause waves of electromagnetic storm. Solar storms can cause interference with the satellite, telecommunications equipment, and electronics.

Sun surface explosion
Sun surface explosion

Government of the United States, even specifically issued a warning that risk by stating that the Solar Storm is going to happen next may have a moderate or strong levels. This was stated by Joseph Kunches, scientists from the Space Weather Prediction Center, a division of Adaministration National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Kunches said the storm the sun happens next week and could have an impact on satellite communications and Global Positioning System (GPS) and can even create the aurora can be seen from the Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA.

Aurora is created, called the aurora borealis, the natural light that can be seen in the Arctic and Antarctic. This phenomenon is formed by collisions between high-energy particles with atoms in the upper atmosphere.

According to NOAA, the storm caused major damage to the Sun are rare, but never reported any serious impact. In 1989 for example, solar storms cause power plants in Quebec, Canada, paralyzed so that local residents have to live without electricity for hours.

Meanwhile, the biggest impact of solar storms occurred in 1859. Solar Storms paralyze telegraph communications systems around the world and the creation of the aurora can be seen through the Caribbean.

Telegraph system reportedly continued to send signals even if the battery is removed. What about the impact of the storm the sun this time? Kunches revealed that the impact is not going to like it. This will be the number two or three out of five on a scale of NOAA’s Space Weather.

But, still must be wary of. The first solar storm that occurred last week resulting in little impact on the Earth. While a second more powerful storm. The third, still have not been reported, but could likely exacerbate the second solar storm or no impact at all. Director of the Space Weather Prediction, Tom Bogdan, said the peak of the storm the sun occurs every 12 years and he predicted the next solar storm will occur in 2013.

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