Symptoms as a sign that woman is pregnant

To be able to know if a woman is pregnant and will be a mother or not, the easiest way is to use a pregnancy tester. Such a device sold in the market with a variety of brands. But if you are a wife or even for a husband who wants to know whether his wife was pregnant or not and have not had time to do the test, the following are symptoms that could be woman pregnancy signs.

Pregnancy signs

Late menstruation
This is a symptom of pregnancy is most easily detected. When the schedule mensturasi a woman or wife who is usually normal then delayed, it could be that it is a sign that a woman is pregnant.

Most of the women who are pregnant experience nausea in the morning. In fact, these women experience nausea for up to six weeks. However, not all of them experienced in the morning, some could have in the afternoon or evening. For wives who are pregnant and want to reduce nausea due to pregnancy can outsmart by eating light meals, such as biscuits in small portions but often.

Enlarged breasts
Another sign of pregnancy is breast enlargement and the areola are blackened, also looks a lot more blood vessels in the chest. To reduce discomfort, a woman can do with choosing the right bra.

Emotional changes
Emotions of a wife who often change can also be a sign that she is pregnant. For example, become irritable. At that time, the woman body is adjusting to the new hormones. So either the wife or husband have to understand about this moody phase.

Frequent urination
During pregnancy, woman body will produce a lot of fluid which eventually meets the bladder. So it was natural that a woman who is pregnant always sudden urge to urinate at night.

When the spots that appear lighter than a period should not have to panic. Most likely the mother only to bleed when the egg attaches to the uterine wall. This process is triggered mild bleeding.

Increased or decreased appetite
If all of a sudden the woman appetite capricious, or often in trouble with the taste of food or a particular menu, so often feel nauseated, it is a sign of the body to the woman that she is pregnant.

Constipation or abdominal bloating
This is a sign that is also easy to observe. If the body starts to feel a little bigger, so the pants are usually fit to be used will not fit. Or bowel trouble, maybe it has something to do with the increase in the hormone progesterone. This hormone is lower digestive system.

Easily out of breath
Female fetuses in the womb also requires oxygen. So that would make the woman easily out of breath. For example if a woman is suddenly out of breath easily when climbing stairs but usually not, it’s likely she is pregnant. This condition will always occur during pregnancy, especially when the fetus starts pressing the lungs and diaphragm.

Easily tired
Increase in pregnancy hormones can make a woman become tired easily. For most women, fatigue usually take place during the first trimester. However, there are also some expectant mothers who experience fatigue until the second trimester.

Hormonal changes, pregnant women can also trigger headaches. So that headaches can be signs that a woman is pregnant. When this condition occurs, a woman should be careful when taking the headache medication. Headache medicine that is supposed to be consumed that contains paracetamol and a green coil.

If have never experienced back pain but then experienced it, there is a possibility a woman is pregnant and having problems in the ligament. Back pain is a condition that will always be experienced by pregnant women during pregnancy. As the pregnancy continues to expand, the female body’s center of gravity will also be changed, this is one of the factors that cause back pain.

Cramps either during menstruation or pregnancy, is difficult to distinguish. However, if cramping occurs in the lower abdomen, just maybe the mother’s womb is preparing for the arrival of the fetus.

Body temperature increase
Increased body temperature can be used as a sign that a woman is pregnant. Usually the basal body temperature increases due to ovulate up to the menstrual period, two weeks later. If the temperature continues to rise more than two weeks, meaning the woman is pregnant.

Nose so sensitive
One other sign indicating that a woman or wife is pregnant with a sensitive sense of smell. Strong odors such as waste, can make a pregnant woman be very sick.

That’s the symptoms that can be a sign that a woman or wife is pregnant. The most important thing is when a woman get the signs that they are pregnant, they should be more extra maintain their health.

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